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Where does Atlas get all this equipment?

So if Atlas isn't a retailer of used dental equipment, where do we get it?

Dental professionals

Well, a vast majority of the equipment that we sell is owned by other doctors. Much of the equipment comes from doctors purchasing new equipment to update their practices.  Instead of just tossing or giving it away, they prefer to regain capital and keep good working equipment out of the landfill.  On occasion practices will merge, satellite offices will close, or doctors will find equipment that has been forgotten and stored away. We constantly are on the lookout for good used equipment that still has a lot of work left in it.

Government auctions

While we rarely seek out equipment from government auctions, that is another source of used dental equipment.  We will sometimes pursue equipment that is in good condition from government auctions, but only if it's a really nice piece of equipment with a lot of value left.

Defaulted loans

Sadly, some of the equipment comes from offices that fail to establish revenue streams and lose their equipment to the bank.  This equipment is often hardly used and in excellent condition, a result of how the equipment ends up for sale, and is usually priced to move.

Dental retailers

Retailers sometimes use Atlas to sell equipment that is no longer carried in their catalogs, but is still on their shelves.  This gives us a small but steady stream of new items to sell in our store.

If my equipment is currently installed, will Atlas uninstall it for shipment?

Yup!  We can professionally remove your equipment from service before shipment.  If we're not in the area when you need it removed to be sent to us, we can help you find an independent technician to do the uninstallation.
Let our procurement reps know if you've got equipment you'd like to sell.  They are also responsible for arranging the uninstallation and transportation, so they'll have the best answers.