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Choosing between curing lights

I need to purchase a curing light for my dental practice that I’ve just started and I have heard that the 3M ESPE Elipar 2 and the 3M Unitek Orthodox XT are both good choices. They are a little expensive for my current budget but I’ve heard good things about them, and I’m going to buy them used so I think it’s worth it.
Does anyone have advice for me? Anyone have experience with these two curing lights and want to weigh in on them. What features do each have and which one would be the best?  Any information you can give me will be helpful.

The 3M ESPE Elipar 2 Cordless features a standard mode, four selectable curing times, a power indicator, and of course a cordless design.

The 3M Unitek Orthodox XT has a handpiece holder, an extra bulb holder, and a built-in radiometer but is not cordless.

The used prices for both of them are similar, though used prices for the 3M Unitek are sometimes higher.

You can also check out our curing lights selection to see if we are currently selling either of these two models.


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