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Aseptico Handpiece Motor Not Responding to Foot Pedal

Good Afternoon,

Mr. Charlton asked us a question about a potential problem with the foot pedal to an Aseptico handpiece motor unit.  The unit turns on but does not respond when the foot pedal is being pressed.

Here are a few things you can do to troubleshoot that food pedal to try and determine what the problem might be, or at least, exhaust one potential issue:

For starters, check the power connection, or try another foot pedal if you have an extra one available that will properly connect and work with that unit. If this is not an option or does not work then these are some others steps that can be taken or considered.

The handpiece or motor could be worn, damaged, or faulty so try another handpiece or motor if you have one; power specifications may not be met; make sure the foot control cable assembly firmly seated in the receptacle; last but not least, check the fuse.

Make sure to test one thing out at a time to isolate the problem.  If none of these solve the issue, contact us and we’ll get more answers from our technical department.


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