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Atlas Commenting Guidelines for Forums


1. Don't be Evil.

2. No Personal Attacks: Please don’t engage in personal attacks, persistent trolling or mindless abuse. The Atlas community should focus on solutions and suggestions with a high level of discourse.

3. No Hate speech: Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

4. Language and Threats: Please watch your language and show respect for others.  We reserve the right to remove any content that might be offensive or threatening.

5. No Spam: Spam and advertising content will be removed.  If you want to purchase advertising then contact us.

6. Criticism: We are open to criticism and willing to hear others' opinion, but please do so in a constructive and meaningful way when discussing with others on these boards.

7. Relevancy: Please keep conversations relevant. Off-topic comments are subject to removal in order to keep the thread on track.  If you have suggestions for a new forum then please contact us and we'd love to receive your feedback.

8. Quality: We encourage you to take personal responsibility for the quality of the conversations in which you’re participating. Maintain intelligent discussions in the Atlas community.

9. Help us: Self police the threads, flag spam and notify us of any abuse. Although we have a hands-on approach to community engagement, we do sometimes miss problem commenters or trolls. We appreciate your efforts to keep the Atlas community environment inviting, insightful and constructive. Let the conversations be quality ones.