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Atlas Resell Forum Guidelines

All members are welcome to share, converse, and develop the ongoing discussions on the Forums (ARF).  This is a community for dental professionals, including dental students, dentists, dental assistants, office and support staff, equipment technicians, and repair personnel, regardless of level of experience.  

Participation in the forums implies agreement with these guidelines.  All guidelines apply to public and private messages and posts, signatures, and other communication with both members and staff.

How to report a problem or contact staff members’s administrative team is available during normal business hours, Mountain Standard Time at 208-286-1775.  Complaints, concerns, and problems can be directed 24 hours a day to or  All technical and forum-related issues are addressed in a timely manner in the order in which they have been received.


All members of are professionals working in the dental industry.  As such, we expect the behavior of all members to reflect the respect each of our members deserves.  Disrespectful behavior includes but is not limited to cursing, personal attacks, vulgar images and text, threatening posts, or otherwise behavior unbecoming of a dental professional.  Posts in violation will be removed without warning.

Repeat offenders may find themselves with reduced privileges or lost accounts.  Please do not take revoking permissions personally - we only revoke permissions or alter accounts to protect the integrity of the professional forum community as a whole, not as personal attacks.


Each member is allowed only one account.  If you have lost your previous account or wish to start over with a new one, please contact a staff member for assistance.  Posts are viewable for users without registered accounts.  Please keep this in mind when sharing personal information to protect your own privacy.  

Advertising services are currently not allowed on the forum and offending posts will be removed.  If you’d like to sell your own equipment, please see “How to sell my equipment on” at this link.  If you are a technician, we offer advertising services as part of our “Find A Tech” service.  Contact our customer service department to add your business to “Find a Tech”.  Affiliate URLs and hotlinks are not allowed on

Posting your comments repeatedly on different forum threads is called duplicate posting.  Duplicate posts reduce the likelihood of a fruitful conversation by spreading it out over several areas, meaning other users are less likely to be able to join the full conversation.  Duplicate posts will be removed without warning.

Plagiarism, or the using of other people or companies’ original work without permission, is serious business and has legal consequences.  By using these forums, you agree to not reproduce or make available significant portions (typically more than 1/6th) of copyrighted material.  The best practices for providing copyrighted information is to include a link to the original online copy of the material or to quote a short passage of the material and attribute its source, including copyright owner and type of material (book, pamphlet, manual, etc).  For more information or examples, feel free to contact our staff.  


Your words, questions, and recommendations are based on your experiences and knowledge.  We respect your contributions to the forums and hope to foster a positive experience for all members.  To bring the collected knowledge of the Forums to new and potential members, we reserve the right to quote and share forum posts and conversation content in newsletters, other conversations, and in promotions.  All quotes and text will be attributed to your username. reserves the right to organize and alter the structure of the forums to improve the quality of our services and adjust to the needs of the community.  We also reserve the right to use any forum content as links in other forum conversations, delete harmful or unrelated posts, and make final decisions about the continued roles of users who may pose a threat to the community.

For more information about these guidelines, please contact the forum administrator at or 208-286-1775.