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Freight and Ground Shipping FAQ

What is the difference between ground and freight shipments?

Ground shipments leave our facilities in a box and are delivered by USPS, FedEx, or DHL.  Usually, ground items are smaller, lighter, and do not require a forklift or liftgate for delivery.

Freight items ship on a pallet, wrapped in black shrink wrap.  They are big, cumbersome, heavy, or easily damaged.  Cabinets, x-rays, sterilizers, exam chairs, and CERECs ship with freight and Van Lines.

How do I know if my package is shipping freight or ground?

Easy - look at who is listed as the carrier.  R&L, SEKO, SAIA, YRC, and Van Lines are all freight shipment companies. 

If your order ships FedEx, look at the weight and dimensions of your shipment.  If it's over 60 pounds or is large, it's probably freight.  If the item required additional money for shipping, it is almost certainly freight.  FedEx ships both ground and freight shipments.

How long will my shipment take?

This depends on the distance and shipping date.  Most of our items leave our facilities within 72 hours of completed payment.  Check your tracking number for more information or give us a call.

What do I need to do to prepare for a freight shipment?

First, make sure you've requested all the freight shipment options you need, like a liftgate or inside delivery.  These options are not included as a default, in an effort to keep the costs of freight shipment low.  Request additional freight services before the item ships.

Second, make sure you are available on the dates projected for delivery.  All items over $250 in value will require a signature, so if you're not available, make sure someone you trust is there to sign.  Also, please make sure that anyone accepting packages knows what you are expecting and to inspect it for damage before signing.

What do I do when my item arrives?

Inspect it!  Always inspect anything shipped to you before signing the documentation provided by the delivery personnel. 

What do I do if it looks like my package has been damaged?

Don't sign for or accept the shipment. We make every effort to ensure our items are shipped safely.

However, freight and parcel carriers can be rough on equipment. We take pictures before the items leave our warehouse and sometimes packages don't arrive in the same condition. By not accepting the shipment, you allow a claims process to be initiated. If the shipment is accepted, meaning signed, we lose that ability in most cases.

Protect yourself - inspect all packages on arrival and refuse items that appear to arrive damaged.