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Pelton & Crane Chairman - Manual link & other info

We have recently had a number of inquiries regarding information about, and a manual for, the Pelton & Crane Chairman exam chair.  Aside from scanning one and placing it on our website, which would be problematic, the best source for a diagram and technical specifications that we’ve found is from

The Chairman was also featured in our recent blog post on used dental equipment and value over time.Handsome Wood Frame


The Chairman - Overview

Manufactured between 1973 and 1993

Most notable for the traverse function, and handsome wood frame

Overall, a high quality chair that has proven to retain value well with age

Approximate shipping weight: 400 - 450 lbs  Freight

Power requirements: 110-120V; 6A; 60 HZ

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these chairs, or any other dental equipment.

I was able to loosen by squirting some liquid wrench around the base and then brute force about 15 minutes later.