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Shipping Costs for Dental Equipment



What does it typically cost to ship large dental equipment around the country?  I am wondering how a person would go about shipping equipment like dental exam chairs and panoramic xray machines.  Specifically, how is it packaged and then how does it ship?   I am guessing that you can's ship an ADEC 1021 patient exam chair by FedEx or UPS...



That's a great question!  Shipping dental equipment is a big operation if you're not set up for it.

To answer your question:  You're right, we can't ship a chair FedEx or UPS.  We can, however, ship them FedEx Freight. 

Most of our chairs cost in the $300-400 range for shipping, but some are heavier or too bulky to meet that price range.  And as gas prices increase, so does shipping.  We put all of our chairs on pallets with strapping and shrink wrap to protect them.  If you want a crate built, we can do that as well, but it does add to the cost.

All of our pano x-rays ship in custom-built crates.  You'll need a screwdriver at the very least to free it from its packaging, but I recommend a power drill to save your wrists.  Panoramic x-rays ship for between $650 and $1000, generally.

I should mention that all of these costs are as of March 2013 and within the continental US.

Ultimately, I recommend that you contact one of our sales representatives to get a shipping quote before you purchase.  We can help find the best price to meet your needs, such as if you want inside delivery or additional crating.

Our sales department is available at or 208-286-1775 option 1. 

How would a dentist trying to sell their equipment (to you or by consignment , etc.) ship there larger pieces