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Adec Decade Dental Exam Chair FAQ

Here are some common questions about Adec Decade dental exam chairs. Feel free to reply with questions or answers of your own.


Q: Is buying a used Adec exam chair a wise choice?

A: Of course. Adec exam chairs, even used ones, have a reputation as reliable, quality products with replacement parts that are easy to find. The large majority of dental professionals trust the Adec brand.


Q: How do the Adec 1020 and 1021 models differ from other Adec exam chairs?

A: Adec Decade exam chairs were designed for durability, reliability, and patient comfort. They have thick, wide backs and thick cushions. Other models, such as the Priority, have designs that focus more on ergonomics. There are other minor differences as well.


Q: Can I have my Adec Decade dental exam chair chair re-upholstered if I choose?

A: Yes! A number of upholstery companies have become familiar with Adec Decade chairs and often provide competitively priced re-upholstery packages. Adec offers replacement upholstery sets as well.


Q: Do you have a review of the Adec Decade chair on your site?

A: You bet. Read our review here

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