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Atlas Staff: Adec Decade 1020 Dental Exam Chair Review


Adec Decade 1020 Dental Exam Chair Review

One of the more popular models of used dental chairs has been the Adec 1020, part of the Decade line of exam chairs by Adec.  The 1020 is operated by an electronically controlled hydraulic system, with programmable position settings, safety limit switches, and an auto return feature. 

With many brands of older dental chairs, the manuals can often be difficult to find.  With the 1020, as with many of their other products, Adec provides a service manual on their website, which includes a comprehensive troubleshooting section, diagrams for the hydraulic and electrical systems, and an illustrated parts breakdown.

Another benefit associated with the chair's popularity is that a number of upholstery companies have become familiar with them and often provide competitively priced re-upholstery packages. Adec offers replacement upholstery sets as well.

Overall, the Adec 1020 has proven itself to be a reliable, high quality product that has retained value well with age.

Grade:  A+
Affordability:  B+
Precision:  A+
Space Required:  A+
Ease of Use:  A+