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Cavitron 3000

Hello, I have a Cavitron 3000 unit that is working but I've noticed recently the water flow rate is flowing out at a high rate regardless even if the flow knob is turned to low. My guess is the water flow regulator is the problem. My question is if this regulator can be cleaned out and set to function normally or is it something that might be better off to replace entirely with new and if new, does it need special tools to be calibrated or it's just taking off the old and placing the new one in?

Also, once I take my foot off the foot pedal, water still flows for about 2 seconds before it stops. Is that normal and is that a solenoid problem?

Hello. We're sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Cavitron 3000. The flow regulator is not something that needs to be cleaned. Instead, you will need to have it adjusted or replaced. You may need the assistance of a dental tech to check the status of the regulator, but the regulator does not need to be "calibrated." If it is misaligned it will simply need to be readjusted, if it is worn you will need to replace it.

As for your second question, yes, it is normal for water to continue to flow a few seconds after the foot pedal is released.

We hope this helps.

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