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Compatible x-rays and phosphor plates with ScanX

I have a customer that has questions on a 2006 Air Techniques ScanX ILE Dental X-Ray Digital Phosphor Pan Ceph:
Can this scanner scan both 5x12 and 6x12 pano? and any brands of phosphor plates? I have a gendex 9000 pan/ceph; is it compatible to this scanner?

On its website, Air Techniques only offers extraoral plates in the following sizes:

5" x 12" PAN
5 cm x 30 cm PAN
8" x 10" CEPH

Therefore it is likely that these are the only sizes that ScanX's are compatible with. The size of plates are what matter, not the type of X-ray.

Unfortunately we cannot determine whether or not this unit will work with other brands of phosphor plates.


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