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Dental Air Polisher FAQ

Here are some common questions about dental air polishers. Feel free to reply with questions or answers of your own.


Q: Is it okay to leave the powder in the powder bowl overnight?

A: Definitely not. You should empty the powder bowl every night. Don’t forget to remove residue from the powder bowl cap and threads too.


Q: Is it safe to use an air dryer on the polisher’s air supply hose?

A: No. This will prevent the required condensation from forming.


Q: Which of the five main types of polishing powder should I use?

A: That depends on the surface you are polishing. Study this chart for a detailed explanation.


Q: Is it okay to connect the air supply to the water coupler?

A: No. You should never connect the air hose to the water supply. Doing so will cause the residual powder to clog up the air supply line, resulting in a messy and expensive problem.


Q: Do you have a list that explains which Cavitron air polishers are also ultrasonic scalers?

A: We do, and we’ve included it below for your convenience:

Cavitrons by Type
Scaling Units
Dentsply Cavitron 3000
Cavitron Gen 115 Bobcat
Dentsply Cavitron SPS Gen 119
Cavitron Select Gen 123
Cavitron SPS Gen 124
Dentsply Cavitron Gen 131
Air Polishing & Scaling Combination Units
Dentsply Cavitron Cavijet 105
Cavitron JET Cavijet Gen 113
Cavitron SPS Gen 120
Dentsply Cavitron Jet Plus SPS Gen-132
Air Polishing Prophy Only
Denstply Prophy Jet Gen 122
Dentsply Prophy Jet 30 Gen.-111

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