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Dental Laser FAQ

Here are the some commonly asked questions about dental lasers. Feel free to reply with questions or answers of your own.


Q: What does the term “laser” stand for?

A: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation


Q: What is laser wavelength?

A: The distance between any two corresponding points on the laser wave on the horizontal axis. Dental lasers measure this in microns or nanometers.


Q: Why does laser wavelength matter?

A: The ability of laser light energy to ablate tissue is dependent on how well the energy is absorbed by that tissue, which is affected by the laser’s wavelength. The laser’s amount of energy or power and the amount of time the energy is being emitted into the tissue are also important.

Since oral soft tissue is made up of 70% water, the most important feature of a soft laser’s wavelength is how much that wavelength is absorbed by water. In general, the shorter wavelengths (from about 500- 1000nm) are readily absorbed in pigmented tissue and blood elements. The longer wavelengths are more interactive with water.


Q: Can I still wear surgical loupes while operating a dental laser?

A: Loupe laser attachment lenses are available from companies like Innovative Optics.

Surgical loupe manufacturers also produce dental laser loupes. Contact them for more information.


Q: Do laser tips advertised as disposable really have to be sterilized since the laser heats them during procedures?

A: Yes. Disposable tips should still be sterilized. According to the CDC classification system they are considered to be "critical" instruments. But for public image reasons alone, it is a good idea to never reuse disposable tips.                                                                                  

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