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Dental laser fibers

I want to buy a laser from you guys but I don't know where to get the fibers because it's a different brand than my old laser.  Can you get those for me or what do I have to do get the laser fibers so I can use it in my office?

The answer to this question is obviously going to be different depending on what brand or model of laser you might have, but in general you can usually find laser fibers on either the manufacture's website, or sometimes on a third party market, like eBay.  Other places, like Laser Dental and Medical Innovations (LDMI), who specialize in selling accessories for lasers, including fibers and tips, are also excellent places to look for fibers.
A few other companies that sell their own replacement fibers are: Biolase, AMD, and BioLitec.  When searching, if items appear unavailable on a manufacture website, it can never hurt to send a quick email, or make a phone call to see if they can point you in the right direction.  New fibers can range in price from roughly $200 to $300, but again, it depends on the specific fiber you need.  Your fiber may cost more or less.
The same places where fibers can be found, often sell other accessory items like fiber strippers, protective eye wear, scissors, hand pieces, tips, and more.
Which model were you specifically considering?

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