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Endodontic Equipment Manual & Instruction Links

i don't want to keep around a bunch of manuals anymore.  Are there places where i can find manuals but not have to keep them myself?  I want to put something else in the drawer full of manuels.

There are a lot of manuals available online.  However, just because they're available now doesn't mean they will be forever, so we recommend saving digital copies on your office's computer in a secure, often-backed up location.  



(This link goes directly to the instructions for use page, you just need to click on the item instructions you need or would like to review)



(This section goes to the equipment available page, choose the equipment desired, click on the resource tab at the bottom of the page, and then some options should come up.  One of the options has a DFU attached meaning directions for use)



(Click on any endodontic product or material that you are interested in, once the page pops up, scroll down and click on the MSDS/Instructions tab, and there you go, instruction for use)



(Click on the product you want, and you’ll end up having to keep clicking through an array of choices but once you finally are down to exactly what you are looking for and what, at the bottom of the page there is an instructions tab.  Click on this, and BAM! you have a few manuals and instructions for use that pop-up)


When you buy new equipment and can't find the manuals available online, you can always scan in the copy that came with the equipment and save it as a digital file, too.