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Features of DMD Telicam

I’m starting a new practice and I’m trying to decide which intraoral camera to purchase. I’m leaning strongly towards the DMD Telicam because the price I can get for it used is more within my budget. Could anyone tell me what features this camera has and if it’s worth buying used. I know there are newer cameras out there with more features but I like the value of this model considering what features I get, based on what I’ve heard. Opinions? Advice? Thanks!

Here are the features that the DMD Telicam offers:

  • Trademark Teli Camera Processor, well-known for excellent color and contrast
  • single-lens handpiece
  • integrated video capture memory

Ultimately you must decide if this camera is the best option for your practice. Take a look at our current selection of intraoral cameras to see if there is a DMD Telicam, or similar model, within your price range currently for sale.


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