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Forest chair foot pedal problem

Hi! I saw this Forest chair on your site for sale, but it says the foot pedal only makes the chair go up and down. Is this an easy fix?  I'll need a chair that lays down too, obviously.

We've had a few different models and ages of Forest exam chairs with similar problems.  Here's some general advice for troubleshooting foot pedals of varying makes and models:
This problem will need a dental technician to troubleshoot the chair. Should the grinding noises happen when just the motor is turned on before any switch is pushed to have the chair adjust then there is a problem with the motor, or bearings on the motor shaft. If the grinding only happens after the switch is pushed and the chair grinds while adjusting, then there could be a problem with the transmission or the drive (whichever drive the chair may have, not all drives are the same).
In response to this, the foot pedal not fully working may not be an easy fix. Another thing to consider is if the foot pedal is designed to be detachable or not, this may make the fix harder or simpler. If the pedal has the option to easily detach from the chair, check the foot pedal’s compatibility with the chair through the manufacturer’s website if available. For detachable foot switches, it is well worth the try of getting a different foot pedal to see if that works or not and that might narrow down where the problem lies.  If the other foot pedal works, the first is damaged.  If the chair still doesn’t respond, there is a problem with the chair or both foot pedals are damaged, which is typically less likely than damage to the chair.
Attached or detached, the foot pedal wiring connection may be damaged.  Sometimes in shipping the food pedal’s circuit or cord can be damaged.   For hardwired or built-in foot pedals, a tech can come and look at the chair and foot pedal to see if there are internal issues.  Another issue may be that the foot switch or chair’s motor may be malfunctioning and not responding. A technician should be able to help narrow down the issue between chair and foot pedal easier on non-detachable foot switches. 
If you tell us exactly which one you're interested in, we can have our techs give it another look-over and see what is exactly going on.