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Grinding noises when chair moves

I haven't had this chair that long but when you adjust it, it makes a grinding noise. My assistant noticed it first and I thought she was just being paranoid, since it's only a few years old but the noise is terrible. I'm sure my patients are not impressed with my equipment making such a horrible noise. Is the chair toast?

This problem will need a dental technician to troubleshoot the chair. Should the grinding noises happen when just the motor is turned on before any switch is pushed to have the chair adjust then there is a problem with the motor, or bearings on the motor shaft. If the grinding only happens after the switch is pushed and the chair grinds while adjusting, then there could be a problem with the transmission or the drive (whichever drive the chair may have, not all drives are the same).

What model of chair are we talking about?  That might change the answer, too.