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Handpiece repair

Is it worth my time to replace the turbines in my handpieces myself? How hard is it?

Great question.  Well, it depends on how mechanically inclined you are and how much time you have to do a turbine replacement for your handpieces.  But if you've got a good relationship with a local handpiece specialist, it might be more worth your time to outsource the repairs.

Another question to ask is if you have the right equipment to do a turbine replacement?

Some handpieces may have more specific ways to replace a turbine, but sometimes these things are easier through visual instruction than written instruction.

Here are some youtube vidoes for turbine replacement and installation:

Please follow these links for generic instruction: first part, second part

Please follow this link for Adec/W&H instruction

There are more youtube videos and information out there.  If you let us know what models and types of handpieces you're considering working on, we can probably provide more relevant instructional videos.

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