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How to upgrade from film based to digital with a Panoramic X-Ray

I have a customer who is asking:

"I'm considering buying the film based PM 2002 EC Proline Planmeca Dental Panoramic X-Ray. I just can't afford a digital. It says that it is upgradable to digital. If I buy it, how would I do that?"

Any advice?


To upgrade to digital, the dentist can either use a phosphor imaging system like a ScanX or Denoptix, or the dentist will need a digital sensor converter compatible with the x-ray and a qualified service technician to install it.

Customers should be aware that if they upgrade their x-rays to digital after they purchase them, our return policy will no longer apply.


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Some of these upgrades are very expensive, the thing you to look at is your installing a new digital upgrade. It is taking the film slot away, and putting a sensor across from the tube head. Digital is nice, but it is expensive. The Scan-X is very nice to upgrade to, if you purchase a used one beware that the pre maintenance kit is around $1600. This is a very nice way to go digital. Make sure you have the software drivers and get a local technician and your good to go.

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