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Locating CEREC Total Milling Time

I want to purchase a used CEREC to see if it's worth the money to buy a new one, a test drive of sorts.  A doctor in my area has one, but I was told I should look up the total milling time for the milling machine. Does anyone know how to do this? I don’t have a manual and Google searches have not been very helpful. I know I need to connect the acquisition and milling units and get them communicating, but what about after that? Any information you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Often the dentists that buy our used CEREC'S have similar questions. If you already know how to connect your milling and acquisition units, the process to look up the milling time is fairly straightorward after that:


  1. On the acquisition unit computer screen, go to the Start menu
  2. Click on “All Program”
  3. Hover over “CEREC” and select “Service” from the dropdown menu
  4. Enter the password which is the current month and day reversed, (for example, if today is 12-22, the password is 2122; if tomorrow is 12-23, the password is going to be 2132)
  5. Click on “Milling Unit Info,” and the next page will display the milling minutes


If you're still considering purchasing a CEREC, feel free to browse our selection of used CEREC'S and other CAD/CAM's.

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