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Midmark Ultraclave Sterilizer FAQ

Here are the most common troubleshooting questions for Midmark M11 and M9 autoclaves. Feel free to respond with more questions of your own, or with any advice you may have for other dental professionals.


Q: Is it okay to use regular tap water in an Ultraclave?

A: No. Regular tap water will damage an Ultraclave. Only use distilled water.


Q: How often should I clean the unit's gaskets?

A: Clean the gaskets daily with a damp cloth. Monthly, remove the gaskets for cleaning and inspection, and replace them if necessary.


Q: How often should I drain the reservoir?

A: Drain the reservoir weekly and refill it with clean, distilled water.


Q: How often should I clean the sterilizing chamber?

A: Clean the chamber weekly with sterilizer cleaner.


Q: How often should I flush the Ultraclave system?

A: Flush the system monthly using Speed-Clean and distilled water.


Q: How often should I wash the trays and the rack?

A: Wash the trays and rack weekly with mild soap and water.


Q: Does Atlas refurbish its Ultraclaves in-house?

A: Yes, all of our Ultraclaves that we advertise as refurbished are worked on by our own dental technicians. We have several refurbished M9 and M11 units on our sterilizers page.


You can find more information on our M9 and M11 product pages.

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