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P&C Chairman Troubleshoot

Hello I have a Pelton crane chairman dental chair and none of the switches work now. they were working a couple of days ago and suddenly everything has stopped. And the chair is in the lowest position. Is there a way to activate the lift motor separate from the chair functions so that I can gain access to the wiring under the chair? Or is there a way to bypass the motor and raise the chair? Also, do you have any idea what would cause all of the chair switches to suddenly not work? I have checked all of the connections around the circuitboard and everything is intact. The power is plugged in and the board is registering power, but none of the switches activate the chair and none of the lights on the board come on. Any help would be appreciated!


Hello, I am not positive with the Chairman model but I do know some boards have jumper points on the board itsself that will activate the lift. As for the switch issue, Im not sure as to why they would just stop working but based off the information shared, it sounds like the chairs board may have gone bad. If so, the jumper points may not work either.