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Ritter M9 Ultraclave Questions

I have a potential buyer asking the following on one of our Ritter M9 Ultraclaves:
I was wondering if it came with instructions? Also, you mentioned testing? How do you test ? Who would we service the product if it broke down?

If our sterilizers do not come with instructions, we can send a manual if the customer would like one.

Our professional dental technicians inspect each sterilizer that we sell for damaged components and replace them. They test each sterilizer by performing several sterilization cycles and monitoring the sterilizer during the cycle. They also perform a spore test on each sterilizer.

If a customer's sterilizer requires maintenance within the 30 day return policy period, we will pay to have the item shipped back to us and our technicians will perform the required repairs, or we will pay a local technician to repair the sterilizer, depending on what maintenance needs to be performed.


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