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Wand, Wand STA, and Wand Plus Handpiece Sets?

What is the Wand and what is the Wand's handpiece thing called for reordering the supplies? And what is the Wand STA?

We've been asked this question quite a few times about the use of the Wand and the Wand Plus handpieces/needles.  So to address some of these questions:  the Wand is the handpiece itself

There are two different types of Wand handpieces, The Wand and The STA Wand.  The STA only works with the STA system, which is clearly marked on the unit.  All other Wand units use the standard Wand handpiece.

Regarding non-STA type Wands:

The Wand Plus is the new injection control system.  The Wand Plus system uses the same Wand handpiece, which is a standard size. Additionally, the needles are different sizes, but the attachment point from needle to handpiece is also a standard fit for non-STA handpieces.  The handpiece alone can be ordered through several websites, the handpiece with different sized needles, or just the needles.  The needles do have different sizes depending on injection rate comfort.  The most popular or standard size needle is the 30 gauge 1" needle.  Other sizes include the 30ga 1/2" and the 27ga 1 1/4" needle.  The needles should also fit the Wand II as well, although the handpieces connection to the unit system itself is system specific since there are a few WAND systems or versions on the market.

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