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Logistics is a beautiful, intricate puzzle that drives most people crazy.  When it goes wrong, it often goes horribly wrong.  Here at Atlas Resell, however, we take every logistics challenge as an opportunity to show our expertise at picking up, storing, packaging, shipping, and transporting used dental equipment.

We have experience with every type of dental equipment and understand the logistics needs of shipping everything from handpieces to digital panoramic x-rays.

  • Pickup: Have you ever employed a moving company and were horrified with the way they handled your possessions? When we pickup and de-install your dental equipment, we treat it as if it is our own.
  • Storage: You can rest assured that your equipment is stored in a secure warehouse environment. But there’s no need to just take our word for it – you can always contact your procurement representative for updates about the status of your equipment.
  • Packaging:  Each piece of dental equipment is a beautiful, unique snowflake requiring packaging designed to protect it during transport.  Whether we’re securing it in a shipping crate or preparing for a box of handpieces to go overseas, we take our responsibility to safely package your equipment seriously.
  • Shipping & Transporting:  We have good relationships with a variety of shipping carriers, from freight shippers and FedEx to white glove services and the United States Postal Service.  Each carrier has their own strengths and weaknesses, which we use to pick the safest option to ship your equipment both to and from our facilities.

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