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The Atlas Refurbishment Process

Buying refurbished is a cost-effective way to outfit your dental practice with quality equipment. It’s important however, that you trust the people and process behind the restoration. From customer service to expert technicians, our daily operations reflect our goal of instilling confidence in every purchaser buying refurbished equipment.   Each product listing on our site provides thorough testing notes on what our team finds and addresses during the inspection and refurbishing process.  To provide further transparency, here is a view of our process and how we assure each unit performs to it's optimal function. 

Our approach to refurbishing equipment is hands-on and relies on the talents of our in-house team of technicians. Each providing unique expertise, our team specializes in everything from sterilization and digital products (i.e. Sensors, Scanx, Lasers), to VAC pump and compressor restoration. 

When inspecting units that arrive at our warehouse, we always refer to the manufacturer standards for each item, which we then make a plan to meet. Our visual inspection takes diligent notice of any abnormal damage or missing accessories before we conduct testing and ensure that the Preventative Maintenance (PM) parts are repaired or replaced as needed.  The unit’s condition dictates how we maneuver our internal process, taking all actions necessary to get it operating to it's intended manufacturer standards.

Upon a full examination and final rounds of testing, we clean any residue and address any final cosmetic details, then package and store the unit in a clean environment until it is sold and shipped to a new owner.

The last part of our process is perhaps the most important, and that is how we follow up with each customer. We will ship replacement parts as needed and our return policy always takes care of customers in the interim of replacing equipment. We also have our own customer service and tech support on-call to address any concerns and connect you with local technicians and installers if needed. 

Above all else, our goal is always to make sure you have equipment that performs at the standard you expect so that you can continue providing quality dental care to your patients.