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Build Your Own Adec 1040 Package

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October 24, 2017

Refurbished Adec 1040 - Build Your Own

Have you ever wanted to create a personalized operatory package that reflects your personal style and model preferences? We'll show you how, using our Adec 1040 customizable offer.

Refurbished Adec 1040

Last month we explained that we offer many fully refurbished items in our store, including autoclave sterilizers, vacuum pumps, air compressors, exam chairs, bitewing x-rays, and ultrasonic scalers. Our refurbished items have been completely tested and restored to excellent mechanical condition. They may have minor marks appropriate for their age, but their functionality is guaranteed by a 1 year warranty.

We usually have several refurbished Adec 1040 operatory packages for sale. The package includes a chair, delivery system, and light. Purchase the package exactly as shown in the photos in the product listing, or...

Choose Your Own 1040 Package

Take advantage of our customizable offer, and build your product to meet your personal preferences and needs.

Simply follow our 3 easy steps.

1.) Upholstery

Choose from our wide selection of upholstery colors. Whichever color you'd prefer, chances are we can match it.

2.) (NEW) Delivery System

Choose from several DCI unit-mount deliveries, including PN 4477 and 4478. If DCI sells it, we can procure it for you in brand new condition.

3.) Exam Light

Choose an Adec 6300, Pelton & Crane LFII, or other chair-mounted light to complete your Adec package. The decision is entirely up to you!

Contact Us to Begin the Process

We'd love to help you customize your Adec 1040 to your individual needs. Visit our Adec 1040 product page to see our current selection, and contact us at 208-288-1775 or to build your own package.