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How to Choose Your Next Autoclave on a Budget

Autoclaves are a critical part of effective infection control in the dental office. But not all autoclaves are the same, and neither are their sellers. Whether you are looking to purchase your next autoclave new or pre-owned, there are a number of questions to ask yourself while you choose the equipment right for you… and avoid over-paying. 

Assess the size, volume, and type of instruments being sterilized

How many instruments will you use per day, and how often will they need to be sterilized? What types of instruments? How many handpieces do you use daily? Do you have any instruments you are use that require a specific sterilization cycle?

Evaluate the tradeoffs of chamber vs. cassette units

Most autoclaves, such as the Midmark M9, are steam chamber units. They use a large chamber that can hold multiple trays of instruments. Their main advantage is the ability to sterilize large volumes of instruments during each cycle, but cycle times tend to be longer. 

STATIM autoclaves from Scican use a cassette and slot to store the instruments during the cycle. They provide the operator with streamlined operation and generally faster cycle times than chamber autoclaves. However, they can’t sterilize as many instruments during a cycle.

Consider available space in your practice

Designating and designing a space in advance can help to improve future performance and efficiency. The autoclave(s) must fit in the designated area in the reprocessing room, still allowing for set-down areas. 

Look for a chamber large enough and configured to accommodate the instrument loads you need. Consider whether two smaller or one large autoclave would be best.

Do you need more than one autoclave? 

If you have or anticipate a high throughput of instruments, it may be helpful to purchase two smaller autoclaves rather than one large one, depending on available space. This presents several potential advantages:

  • Flexibility in processing smaller loads.
  • Smaller autoclaves require less energy than larger autoclaves.
  • Potential for simultaneous use/staggered loads.
  • Accommodation of anticipated growth.
  • You have a back-up! Instruments can be reprocessed uninterrupted (albeit fewer) should one autoclave be taken out of service.

Know the maintenance requirements, warranties and support that comes with your autoclave 

Consider how much maintenance your autoclave will require. This includes replacement of consumables like gaskets and filters. 

When you purchase refurbished equipment from Atlas Resell Management, we provide a one-year warranty and customer support to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Avoid over-paying by shopping for refurbished equipment 

Managing a Dental practice can be very costly, and equipment plays a large part in those over-head expenses. Larger retailers and dealers of new medical equipment can easily take advantage and over-charge you for equipment and add-on services that take a toll. 

Purchasing refurbished or used dental equipment could mean significant savings. In fact, purchasing used dental equipment can save dentists up to 50% off the cost of new equipment. 

Find Your Autoclave Today

We hope this list has been helpful in your search for your next autoclave. You can shop our entire selection of used autoclaves here.