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How to Trade In Your Used Dental Equipment for Cash

Are you one of the many doctors who want to get cash for their old equipment, but don't have the time or energy to sell it themselves? Did you know you can sell your equipment directly to Atlas Resell Management?

Keep reading for a quick breakdown of the simple process to trade in your used dental equipment for cash.

Choose from 2 Selling Options

When you sell your equipment to Atlas Resell Management, you have 2 options: direct buyout or consignment.

Option 1: Direct Buyout

This is the fastest, easiest option. Send us a list of the equipment, along with photos, and a purchasing manager will appraise the items that are eligible for resale.

Then, you'll receive a check for half the agreed-upon value of your equipment. We'll ship your items to our facility, inspect the items for damage and functionality, then send you the rest of the payment. Straightforward and simple!


Option 2: Consignment

Get the most value for your equipment using this longer, but still convenient, option. The purchasing manager will help you decide on the best asking price for your equipment. If your consigned items are large, high-value products, they'll remain in your office during the sales process.

We'll prepare a detailed product listing for your equipment. Once the equipment sells and the entire sales process is complete, you'll receive payment.

Contact a Purchasing Manager

Ready to sell your idle equipment? Contact a purchasing manager at 208-286-1775, ext. 2, or click here to fill out our contact form.