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Discovering Value in the Used Medical Market

Discovering value in the used medical market

Have you heard of the revolutionary process that adds value to the pre-owned medical market unlike anything else? We call it the Resell Management Cycle, or the RMC.

It involves 5 important steps:

  1.     Doctors receive cash for their equipment's fair market value.
  2.     Specialized methods are used to sort the equipment into the best processing channel.
  3.     Value is added to the equipment through targeted repairs or refurbishing.
  4.     Even more value is added to the equipment through online marketing and competitive pricing.
  5.     The equipment is resold to new owners.

Click here to learn the basics of this exciting process, or keep reading for an in-depth look at how Atlas Resell Management utilizes the RMC to return value to doctors.

Free Appraisal and Convenient Shipping

The cycle begins with a free appraisal of your used medical equipment's fair market value. Our purchasing reps base this appraisal on your equipment's photos and spec information, plus over twelve years of industry experience.

Once the quote is agreed upon, you receive cash for your equipment, and Atlas Resell Management ships the equipment out of your office.

You receive value for your equipment in time, space, and money. Consignment options are also available.

Specialized Sorting and Targeted Repairs

After leaving your office, the equipment undergoes an extensive vetting and testing process by trained technicians. Here's a sample of an item's testing notes from one of our product listings:

"Visually inspected, hooked up to power and added distilled water and tested. Ran unit through all its preset sterilizing and drying cycles, temperature tested and found unit will maintain 270F for an entire sterilizing cycle. Cleaned and flushed the reservoir tank, drain tube and chamber, changed preventive maintenance parts, door gasket, dam gasket and mesh water filters."

An essential part of the RMC is this specialized testing, based once again on years of industry experience. Many pre-owned items still have years of service to offer, they just need the right repairs and sorting to squeeze more value out of them.

Online Marketing and Competitive Pricing

After repairs and/or refurbishing, the equipment is sent to trained photographers who take detailed pictures of any cosmetic or mechanical damage. A product listing is created that includes these photos, plus detailed notes from the technicians on the equipment's condition.

This increases trust from potential buyers, who know they will avoid any surprises when they purchase the pre-owned equipment.

More value is then added to the used equipment through competitive pricing. Here's an example of how sale prices for pre-owned autoclaves processed through the RMC compare to products from other resellers: