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Infographic: Ultrasonic Scaler Preventative Maintenance

Your ultrasonic scaler is an essential tool for providing your patients with quality dental care.

Here are some maintenance guidelines to keep your scaler and your practice running smoothly.


Remove Water Residue

At the end of every day, connect the scaler’s water line to an air source and run the scaler until all the water is expelled.

Disinfect Scaler Surfaces

Between patients and at the end of each day, use disinfecting wipes to disinfect all the surfaces of the scaler in case they were sprayed with debris during operation, including the foot pedal.

Remove Excess Powder from Insert

For magnetostrictive scalers like the Cavitron, remove the scaling insert between patiens and clean off excess powder from the insert using cleaning wire.

Inspect O-Ring

While cleaning the insert, inspect the o-ring for damage and replace it if necessary.

Add a Backup Unit

Following these guidelines will help keep your trusty scaler operating at full potential.

However, we still recommend purchasing a backup unit just in case. Head over to the ultrasonic scaler section of our store to find a backup option at discount price.

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