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Infographic: Used Dental Sterilizer Market Snapshot

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May 9, 2017

Used Dental Autoclaves - Price and Value are Key

This month, we're giving you a snapshot view of how Atlas Resell products compare with other big players in the pre-owned dental equipment market. First up: autoclave sterilizers!

As you can see from the following infographic, Atlas Resell's refurbished autoclaves are by far the most affordable option.

Our warranty for refurbished autoclaves also holds the most value, because we offer one of the longest warranties at the lowest price.

Even more interesting, Atlas Resell offers an alternative to refurbishing: an as-is autoclave that has been fully inspected, tested, found to be functional, and includes a 30 day return guarantee. This as-is alternative to refurbished is a pillar of our market revolution: Unrivaled Selection. We believe in offering a range of products with as much variety and uniqueness as our wonderful customers.

We know that not everyone wants or needs a fully refurbished autoclave. Sometimes you just need a good backup sterilizer in the wings in case your main unit fails during business hours.

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