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Q&A With Our Procurement Specialists

Our procurement team is a group of industry experts who handle everything from finding the best resell value for your used equipment in an ever-changing market, to coordinating safe and efficient shipping for items big and small. We get a lot of questions about what we do, so let us try to answer a few of the most common questions now! 


What are the some of the biggestchallenges yourindustry/customers face & howdoesAtlasResell Managementhelp? 

Customers who have tried to purchase or sell used equipment on their own report underestimating the time commitment and logistical difficulties involved. Between asking and answering technical questions, deciding on a fair price and safely shipping the item, it can definitely become more work for an individual to list and sell the item than it may end up being worth. 


As a procurement specialist, whathave you found to be themost rewarding part about the resell management cycle? 

Building customer relationships and knowing that you’re solving a pain-point for them is always an exciting part. When we can find value for our customers in items that were collecting dust and see older equipment being utilized back in the field, it’s a win-win. 


Whattips or insights doyouhavefrom your reselling experience that youthinkevery customer/doctor/practice managershould know?   

Atlas constantly assesses the online used market from every angle, giving us the expertise to deliver the most accurate appraisals and sales data for resell. Doctors can use Atlas as a “soundboard” to get a free quote for the value of their equipment, even before they are ready to buy or sell with us. 


What is a common misconception that a doctor might have about their own equipment? 

Often, doctors assume that the bigger the equipment, the higher the resell value. In reality, the biggest ticket items we buy and sell are handheld items like digital sensors or handheld X-rays. We also find that doctors usually have more equipment (in their closet, basement, garage, storage) with resell potential than they realized. 


What are the environmental implications of equipment reuse? 

Without Atlas Resell, many quality pieces of used equipment would end up in a landfill. Even when someone has equipment that can’t be resold, we try to offer solutions for safe disposal. 


Are there any items or equipment brands that you expect will always have high resell value?

Equipment that is newer than 10 years, from the big-name brands such as Sirona, Dentsply, Adec, Midmark, Air Techniques, Kodak/Carestream, Biolase, SciCan, Kavo, RamVac, and Planmeca.


What do doctors usually like to spend their "found money" on? 

A lot of doctors like to trade in their equipment for other used items we sell or put that money towards a new piece of equipment. One office a while back however, used the funds from selling a CEREC to take their staff to Hawaii!


Want to learn more about our procurement process? Contact one of our procurement specialists now at (208) 639-9617.