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Product Review: The Midmark PowerAir Dental Air Compressor

The Midmark PowerAir is a true workhorse in the crowded field of dental air compressors. Here’s our product review.

The PowerAir Air Compressor: Most Powerful in All the Land?

The Midmark PowerAir is an industry leader in CFM output and produces 62% more CFM than the competition. Generally speaking, you need at least 2 CFM for every chair you have in your practice.

CFM is an abbreviation for “cubic feet per minute” and describes the number of cubic feet of air a compressor takes in and puts out per minute. More CFM means you can utilize more tools and more power. CFM is especially important in large or very busy dental offices where there are multiple people using compressed air at the same time.

The PowerAir Air Compressor: A Contaminate Killing Machine?

When it comes to cleanliness this clean machine employs a .01 micron coalescent filter which generates the capacity to capture 99.9997% of contaminants such as bacteria, household dust, and insecticides. Take into consideration that the industry standard, set by the NFPA, is a 5 micron filter. You can quickly see that the PowerAir goes above and beyond the call of duty.  

So what is the big deal about having a .01 micron filter?  Well, the air produced by the air compressor goes directly into the dental patients mouths and having a filter that captures an overwhelming amount of contaminants significantly reduces the risk of spreading bacterial infections.

Clean air doesn't just affect your patients health. It also affects your dental handpieces. The more contaminants that smuggle their way into your airflow the more damage they can do to your precious handpieces. The cleaner the air, the cleaner your handpieces, the less money you spend replacing them.

Compare and Contrast: PowerAir vs. AirStar

One of PowerAir’s big competitors is the AirStar line by Air Techniques. Below is a chart comparing and contrasting the power specifications of the two air compressors.  


Clean and Powerful

If you’re looking for an air compressor with gladiatorial might and a mean clean streak the Midmark PowerAir is definitely a compressor to consider.