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Setting Up and Using Your ScanX

Have you purchased a ScanX digital imaging system recently? Are you planning on purchasing one? If so, read this brief article to learn how to use your newly 2002 Air Techniques ScanX Dental X-Ray Phosphor Plate Digital Imaging Systemacquired digital phosphor plate x-ray scanner, and how to deal with common concerns.


Set up your ScanX in an appropriate place in the office and connect it to a computer that contains imaging software designed to work with ScanX machines. If you do not currently have this software installed on your computer, contact Air Techniques to purchase the correct software.

In addition to licensed imaging software, most older ScanX models require a computer with a Windows XP operating system.

Older ScanX units connect to a computer through the computer’s serial port. Newer units connect through a USB slot.

Processing Image Plates

Before scanning phosphor storage plates, ensure that at least 1 plate guide is installed along the side of the ScanX.

Follow these instructions to correctly process intraoral x-ray images:

  1. Power on your computer and computer monitor
  2. Connect your ScanX to your computer and power on your ScanX machine
  3. Using your Air Techniques computer software on your computer’s operating system, activate the ScanX machine and select your desired image and resolution type

2002 Air Techniques ScanX Dental X-Ray Phosphor Plate Digital Imaging SystemIf your computer software correctly activates the ScanX, the indicator lights on the ScanX machine will light up. The number of indicator lights varies depending on which ScanX model you're using and corresponds with the number of plate guide slots.

If the indicator lights are green, those guide slots are ready for use. If they are amber or red, they are not ready for use and must be troubleshot. Contact Air Techniques for technical troubleshooting.

If the indicator lights on your ScanX do not light up at all, or if you receive an error message on your computer screen, your computer software has not correctly activated your ScanX machine. Contact Air Techniques or visit the Downloads > Drivers section of for assistance. You need to download the drivers that correspond with your ScanX model.

  1. If the guide slots on your ScanX are ready for use, quickly and carefully insert a plate into a plate guide slot on the ScanX, keeping the sensitive, (non-printed), side facing away from any light source to avoid erasing the x-ray image off the plate
  2. Press the plate further into the slot until the ScanX machine pulls the plate the rest of the way down

At this point the indicator light in front of that guide slot will change from green to red, signifying that the slot is in use.

After the ScanX is finished scanning the plate, it will drop the plate into the collector tray along the bottom of the machine and the indicator light will turn green again.

Now you can use the image software to view and store the x-ray image.

You Need The Correct Drivers

Your computer will not detect your ScanX unless you download the appropriate drivers to your hard drive. These drivers will either be found on your ScanX’s installation disc if it shipped with one, or they can be found online at

Before attempting to activate your ScanX with your image software, download the drivers from the disc or online by visiting the Drivers section of Contact Air Techniques if you have any questions.

Once the drivers are downloaded, shut down your computer so the installation will be completed successfully, then follow the instructions in this guide to connect your ScanX to your computer and process x-rays.

The Importance of the Port

Even if you have the correct drivers installed, if your ScanX uses a serial port connection instead of a USB connection, your computer will not be able to detect your ScanX unless you have the LPT setting on your onboard devices set to EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port).

If you have downloaded the correct drivers but your computer is still not recognizing your ScanX, you probably need to change this setting. Don’t worry, it’s easy to fix this. To change this setting, complete the following steps:

  1. Restart your computer

Before Windows XP loads, there will be a black screen with messages in white lettering near the top of the screen. One of these messages will tell you which button to press to enter Setup mode. Usually it is the F2 button.

  1. At the black startup screen press the correct button to enter Setup mode

While in Setup mode, use the arrow keys to move your cursor, the Enter key to select, and the Escape key to go back.

  1. Move your cursor down to Onboard Devices and select it
  2. Move your cursor down to LPT Port Mode and select it
  3. In the large window to the right, move your cursor over to EPP and hit Enter
  4. Hit Escape twice and select Save and Exit

Now you can allow Windows to load normally. When you connect and power on your ScanX again, your computer should be able to detect it as long as you have the correct drivers downloaded.