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Top 5 Used Dental Vacuum Pumps

Top 5 Used Dental Vacuum Pumps

If you need to add a vacuum pump to your practice, purchasing a pre-owned unit is a great way to save money.

Here are 5 used dental vacuum pumps we recommend checking out.

#1 Air Techniques VacStar Series


VacStars are the most popular wet-ring pumps in our store. They feature oil-free operation, a patented vacuum-relief valve that is easy to access, and corrosion-resistant housing. Their operation is straightforward and reliable.

You have many different models to choose from, ranging from single-head pumps to dual vacs.


Like all wet vacs, VacStar pumps use large amounts of water to operate, which will cost you over the life of the pump.

#2 Midmark PowerVac Series


The PowerVac series are dry vacs that use innovative rotary-claw pumps to create vacuum pressure. This requires no water and uses less energy than the fan systems of other dry vacs.

These units include an air/water separator that is attached to the top of the vacuum pump, greatly reducing required floor space.

PowerVacs are oil-less and waterless, so they will save you money in the long run.

PowerVacs come in several different versions that vary based on horsepower and number of supported users. Each unit is easily upgradable.


This series has a high purchase price, even on the used market.

PowerVacs need the separator tank to be fully operational, and that item is sometimes missing when purchasing used units.

Honorable Mention

The PowerVac G is an updated version of the series and a great choice for your practice, if you can afford the higher purchase price.

#3 Tech West Whirlwind Series


Whirlwind dental pumps offer a compact design and are available in single, dual, or triple configurations. Whirlwind units are an affordable alternative to the more expensive pumps on this list, while still offering the standard suction power your practice needs.


Like other wet vacs, Whirlwind pumps use large amounts of water.

#4 RamVac Series


RamVac units create vacuum pressure using rotary vanes (similar to PowerVacs) instead of a high RPM fan system, which saves on energy costs.

They have sturdy construction and are strong, reliable workhorses that will usually outperform most wet vacs.


RamVac systems require larger piping than other vac systems, so this could be an issue during installation.

Like PowerVacs, RamVac units are generally more expensive than wet vacs on the used market, though you can find older, low-priced models.

#5 Air Techniques STS Series


The STS is a dry vacuum pump, so it will save you tons of money on water costs versus the wet vacs on this list.

These units are powerful and easy to install and maintain.

STS units come in single and dual models.


These pumps can be more affordable on the pre-owned market than the PowerVac series or RamVac series, but like the PowerVacs, sometimes the required separator tank is missing.

The high-speed blower/fan on STS units can increase your power bill, and is also susceptible to water damage. Even a few drops of water can damage the unit and require costly repairs, so keep that in mind.

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We hope this list has been helpful in your search for a pre-owned dental vacuum pump. You can shop our entire selection of used dental pumps here.