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How to Properly Care for Your STATIM Sterilizer

If you have purchased a STATIM recently or are planning on purchasing one, here are some brief tips on how to avoid any problems with your newly acquired cassette sterilizer and keep the day-to-day operations of your office running smoothly.

Please remember that Atlas Resell Management is solely responsible for the instructions in this article; these instructions have not been approved or written by Scican.

Proper Care of the STATIM CassetteSTATIM dental autoclave sterilizer cassette

To ensure that your cassette continues to function properly:

  • Clean the cassette once a week with mild, chlorine-free dishwashing soap
  • Spray the cassette with Stat-dri (or equivalent) after each cycle to promote faster cassette drying
  • Lubricate the rubber cassette seal once or twice a week with a mild liquid soap—not antibacterial soap
  • Do not overfill the cassette; closing the lid of an overfilled cassette can damage it

Proper Care of the STATIM Unit

To help your STATIM continue to function correctly:

  • Never insert the cassette into the STATIM upside down
  • Check the bottom of the cassette for small debris after each cycle
  • Confirm that the bubble in the level indicator is at the 3:00 or 4:00 position before operating
  • Check under the STATIM regularly for water; water under the STATIM indicates a steam leak.
  • Empty the waste bottle once per week
  • Always use distilled water

Preventative Maintenance

To prevent your STATIM from requiring costly repairs:STATIM autoclave cassette dental sterilizer

  • Change the cassette seal every 800 to 1000 cycles, or once per year
  • Change the air compressor filter every 6 months
  • Have the water filter cleaned every 2 years by a qualified service technician

After reading through this info, we suggest downloading our sterilizer preventative maintenance checklist.