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Used CAD/CAM Dentistry Product Guide

Find the perfect dental CAD/CAM system for your operatory by reviewing our used cad/cam product guide. We've highlighted some of the most popular cad/cam dentistry units in our store. Click on the section headings or equipment cards to be taken to the item’s product page, which offers detailed specs, user manuals, and current inventory for sale.

Sirona CEREC AC Omnicam

The CEREC Omnicam is currently the latest model of CEREC from Sirona. It can capture images in 2D and 3D, and offers both an anti-shake feature and a color-streaming feature.

Unlike the Redcam and Bluecam, the Omnicam requires no powder. As the camera moves over the teeth, a photo-realistic image is displayed in full color with crisp clarity.

CEREC AC Omnicam Features

Sirona CEREC AC Bluecam

The CEREC AC Bluecam is the second newest model after the Omnicam. It was the first system to enable both chairside restoration milling and transmission of digital impressions to the laboratory.

It offers both single tooth and full jaw acquisition and features automatic exposure control. It requires powder, but the camera can be placed directly on the tooth.