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Used Dental Equipment: Selecting the Right Condition

When purchasing pre-owned dental equipment, buying refurbished may seem like the only choice. However, Atlas Resell Management offers an alternative to fully refurbished items: functional items sold as-is with a return policy. Wondering which choice is best for you? We've provided a breakdown of these conditions to help you find success.

Midmark M9 Autoclave

Refurbished Condition

You'll find a small, select group of refurbished dental equipment in our store, including autoclave sterilizers, vacuum pumps, air compressors, exam chairs, bitewing x-rays, and ultrasonic scalers.

Our refurbished items have been fully tested and restored to excellent mechanical condition. They may have minor marks appropriate for their age, but their functionality is guaranteed by a 1 year warranty.

We suggest purchasing items in refurbished condition if an extended warranty is important to your peace of mind and you can afford to pay slightly more for that warranty. You'll receive a fully functional item backed by a warranty guarantee on replacement parts for 1 year (90 days for labor costs).

You can shop Atlas Resell Management's selection of refurbished dental equipment here.

As-Is Condition: The Alternative to Refurbished

If you’re looking for pre-owned dental equipment but don’t currently have a large budget, consider buying some of our as-is equipment. Unless deDental Exam Lightsignated as nonfunctional or untestable, all of our as-is equipment includes a 30 day return guarantee. The majority of our inventory selection falls under this category. You can browse our selection here.

This alternative to buying refurbished allows you the option of spending less for pre-owned equipment, while still getting a product that's guaranteed to be functional when you receive it.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance: The Warranty Alternative

Have you considered pairing an as-is, return-policy-covered product from our store with equipment breakdown insurance? This type of commercial property insurance fulfills the role of a manufacturer warranty by covering losses due to mechanical or electrical breakdown of nearly any type of equipment. Repair costs or parts expenses are usually covered. Clockwork

Equipment breakdown insurance can be easily added to your existing commercial or package policy using a separate form or endorsement. It may provide an affordable alternative to purchasing an equipment warranty. Talk to your insurance provider for more details.

Select the Best Option for Your Practice

Only you know which pre-owned equipment condition is right for your practice. Go big and net a fully-warrantied product, save money on equipment sold as-is with a limited return policy, or combine a tested as-is product with breakdown coverage from your own insurance plan. The choice is up to you.