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How to Get Cash for Your Used Dental Equipment

What do you do with your used dental equipment? Does it sit around, gathering dust and taking up valuable space in your practice? Are you anxious to get rid of it but reluctant to throw out its remaining value? Have you thought of selling it but procrastinated the task due to hassle and time involved?

Getting value back for your unutilized equipment doesn't have to be stressful or complex. In fact, here at Atlas Resell, we've made the process of selling your used dental equipment as pain-free as possible.

Infographic: Used Dental Sterilizer Market Snapshot

Infographic: Used Dental Sterilizer Market Snapshot

This month, we're giving you a snapshot view of how Atlas Resell products compare with other big players in the pre-owned dental equipment market. First up: autoclave sterilizers!

As you can see from the following infographic, Atlas Resell's refurbished autoclaves are by far the most affordable option.

Our warranty for refurbished autoclaves also holds the most value, because we offer one of the longest warranties at the lowest price.


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