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Patterson Service Club and Your Used CEREC

Have you made the decision to save money by purchasing a pre-owned CEREC, but now find yourself wondering how owning a used CEREC unit will affect your access to a CEREC Service Club Membership? This is certainly an understandable concern. Read the rest of this brief article and put your mind at ease.

Review: 3 Things to Look for When Buying a Used CEREC

First, let’s review one of our previous news posts that dealt with the things you should be aware of when purchasing a pre-owned CEREC.

Debating Dental Headlights and Operatory Lights

Are Fiber-Optic Handpieces and Operatory Lights Still Relevant?

There has been a quiet movement that has some doctors steering away from the traditional operatory exam light. It's the headlight revolution. Dentists are seeing the benefits of line-of-sight lighting. Many dentists that utilize headlights don't even buy expensive fiber optic handpieces anymore because their headlights effectively illuminate those hard to reach spots in the oral cavity.


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