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Diode Lasers and Dental Electrosurges

One debate that has raged for a long time in the field of dentistry is the question of which is better: electrosurgery units or dental diode soft tissue lasers. Both sides on this issue have strong opinions and clinical data to back them up. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? What is the current relationship between diode lasers and electrosurges today? Read on for more information.

Dealing with Patients' Dental X-Ray Concerns

One of the most frustrating problems that a dental professional encounters is patients that are reluctant to undergo dental x-rays. Some patients may even outright refuse an x-ray procedure. Have you wondered how you, as the person responsible for their dental care and oral health, should deal with such situations? Many experienced dental professionals have addressed this issue. This article brings together the advice offered by several of them.

Choosing a Dental Sterilizer

Are you trying to decide which type of dental sterilization method is right for your practice? Read this brief article to learn more about the options available to you.

3 Main Types of Sterilizers

There are 3 main methods for sterilizing dental instruments: steam autoclaving, dry heat, and chemical vapor. All of these types of sterilizers are widely available on the used dental equipment market.


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