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Schick CDR Digital X-Ray Sensor Drivers and Installation Instructions

For those of you who have recently purchased any Schick CDR digital sensors, Sirona has a great resource page that provides links to some drivers for those sensors. Also included on Sirona's driver download page are links to PDF instructional documents for downloading the drivers.

Sirona's Sensor Driver Resource Page

Hopefully this will help anyone who has had difficulty finding or installing drivers for their sensors.

The Cost of Dental Radiography: Digital vs. Film Infographic

Like the rest of the world, dentistry is quickly becoming a digital playground. Digital radiography systems have been available for over 25 years but many dentists are hesitant to make the switch. The cost of going digital seems to be the biggest consideration when a dentist is contemplating switching to digital from a film based system. We have made cost analysis easy for you and compiled data into an easy to understand infographic. Keep in mind that the prices displayed in the infographic are based off of new retail prices.

Infographic: A Dental Laser Wavelength Comparison

Many dentists are choosing to employ laser dentistry in their practices. There are currently two main erbium laser wavelengths in use by all-tissue dental lasers on the market today. The first is an ER: YAG and the second is an Er,Cr:YSGG, which is a wavelength used famously in conjunction with water by the BIOLASE company. We've created a simple, easy-to-understand infographic to help you decide which one is right for you.

A Review of the ScanX: A PSP Digital Imaging System

Many dentists are seeing the benefits of switching from a traditional film and chemical x-ray system to a digital one. If you are considering going the digital route there are two primary systems that you have to consider.  The first is a PSP (photostimulable phosphor) based system and the second is a CCD, CMOS sensor system; and, with anything that is worth considering, there are multiple pros and cons to each.

A Review: The Midmark PowerAir Dental Air Compressor

Here at Atlas Resell we see a ton of used air compressors coming and going through our warehouse. Surprisingly, we haven't seen many PowerAir air compressors. Our inquisitive natures were eager to know why so we conducted a little research on this product and found out that the Midmark PowerAir is a true workhorse in the crowded field of dental air compressors. Here’s what we discovered.

Is Nitrous for Sedation Worth It?

A recent survey showed that nearly two thirds of dentists offer nitrous oxide to their patients. Nitrous oxide, also called N2O, is a sedative that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over the patient’s nose to help the patient relax. This is one option a dentist may offer to help make patients more comfortable. Its effects wear off almost as soon as the mask is removed.


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