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Shipping and Returns

Returns - Accepted within 30 days from date of shipment

  • Failure to install and use equipment according to manufacturer specifications found in the user’s manual results in void of return policy and a forfeit of refund. To guarantee return acceptance, equipment must be installed by a factory-trained dental technician or Atlas-approved vendor (verified by service invoice).
  • Returns are calculated based on the original payment minus all shipping costs and a 15% restock fee.
  • Refunds are processed within 10 business days of receipt of returned product.
  • No returns on items ‘sold for parts’ or described as ‘non-functional’

Do you pay for the shipping if I choose to return the product?
Unless the item is faulty, we do not cover the shipping if you want to return the product. If it is damaged in shipping, do not sign for the item and the shipper will return the item to us.  If you want to return an item that is not faulty, but you do not want, we do have world-class customer service available to help you with your product’s shipping logistics.

What should I do if the package arrives damaged?
Don’t sign for it!  Immediately refuse the package.  Take a picture of the damage if you can before the item leaves your office with the delivery driver.  The best practice is to refuse the package and call us immediately so we know to expect the item when it arrives.  We will need to file a damaged claim with the delivery service as soon as possible.  (FYI - this is a good way to handle all shipments, not just shipments from

What happens after the return policy if I don’t want the item?
We do not accept returns after the 30 days have ended.  If you want to sell us the item or consign it with us, contact our procurement department at 208-286-1775.

Shipping - Ground items ship within 2-3 business days after payment has cleared. Freight items ship within 6 business days. Drop ship items may require up to 4 weeks to process.

  • Damage - If your item arrives damaged do not sign for product. Refuse the delivery and contact us immediately to receive a replacement or refund. If you sign for the shipment you are declaring that you have inspected the shipment and are satisfied with the condition of your product.
  • Preset shipping costs only apply to deliveries within the continental United States.
  • Freight - All freight items are delivered outside / curbside. Delivery of freight items to residences, limited truck access, inside, or up/downstairs includes additional fees and must be arranged with your salesperson.
  • International - Any additional fees or taxes for international shipments are the buyer’s responsibility.

If I purchase 2 or more items, can I combine the shipping?
Call us and we will gladly optimize your order for lowest cost shipping. You may or may not be able to save money on shipping by combining 2 or more items into 1 shipment. Costs are calculated based on weight and distance (not piece count) so sometimes combining shipments does not save you as much money as you would expect.  All orders must be paid and shipped within 10 business days.

What is the difference between a shipment date and a delivery date?
Easy peasy:  the shipment date refers to the date that it leaves our warehouses, while the delivery date is the estimated date that it arrives at your doorstep. 

Can I expedite the shipping?
We do offer expedited shipping during normal business hours.  Our super-friendly sales or customer service agents can help you expedite your shipment with a simple phone call.  Additional costs may apply.

I’m going out of town.  Can I delay my shipment?
Yes!  As long as the item still leaves our facility within 10 days, we can postpone your shipment to accommodate whatever grand adventure you’re going to be on.  If you need more time, just ask and we can work out a storage charge for longer holds.

Will I get a tracking number?
Absolutely!  You will receive a tracking number for almost all domestic shipments. If for some reason you don't receive a tracking number, call us! We are more than happy to help you with any questions you may have. If you are located outside the U.S. we can most likely track your item until it leaves U.S. borders.  

Do you ship to P.O. boxes?
Sadly, no. Most of the products that we sell are far too large to fit into a tiny P.O. box. If you have a P.O. box associated with your account, we’ll call you to get another address.  If you don’t have an accurate phone number or email address and we cannot reach you to get a new address, you will be reimbursed and we’ll have to sell the item to someone else.

Do you ship internationally?
Of course!  We ship hundreds of items overseas each year.  Some countries may be more difficult to ship to than others, so be sure to contact us before you pay to ensure your item has the best chance of arriving.  Additional fees, customs brokering, and customs clearance are the responsibility of the buyer. For shipping quotes, we will need to know the country, city, and postal code before we can provide an accurate quote.

Can I get a shipping quote?
We are more than happy to provide you with a shipping quote. Keep in mind that a shipping quote is only an estimate.  For shipping quotes, we will need to know the country, city, and postal code before we can provide an accurate quote.

Do you install the equipment?

Installation is not included with your purchase. If you need installation, we can help. Let your sales person know and we will help arrange this for a fee.

Do I need to be present to receive my item?
Not on all items, but we do recommend having your item shipped to an address that will have someone you trust available during normal business hours.  All items over $100 need an adult signature for delivery.

Software - Software and licensing are not included with your purchase unless specifically noted in the product advertisement.

  • Software compatibility and equipment installation are the buyer's responsibility.
  • Contact your product's manufacturer or your technician with any questions about compatibility or installation.

Payments - Payments must be received within 7 days or your order will be cancelled and relisted for sale

  • We accept Paypal, check, wire transfer, or credit card payments.
  • We also accept electronic check (ACH) if you email us an image of a signed check.
  • We also offer financing!