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I wish we would have know about Atlas years ago! They helped us sell some of our digital sensors, and the process was very easy and efficient. In less than two weeks they were able to find a buyer and took care of the entire transaction.  All we had to do was wait for a check. This freed up our time to take care of our business. We would definitely recommend them to colleagues that have used equipment they want to sell.

  Jeanne and Jonathon Fairbanks DDS, Pullman Smiles, Lehi, UT

Jeanne and Jonathon Fairbanks DDS, Lehi UT

I am a dentist and recently consolidated my patient charts and records with another office. This left me with a dental office full of equipment: three operatories, sterilization room, laboratory equipment and front office and waiting room furniture.

Tony was very accommodating in accepting this challenge to dismantle, store, and sell the remaining equipment.

At the appointed time, Tony and Alec arrived and proceeded to spend 10 hours dismantling, securing and moving the equipment. They worked steadily and expertly throughout the day. The equipment was handled gingerly during the move and was skillfully deposited at the storage unit.

The cost was very reasonable and I expect to be getting some additional funds when they sell the equipment they took with them. Professional and painless is the best thing I can say. What will you do with all your used dental equipment? If I were you, I would save your back and let Tony and the gang handle it all: dismantle, remove, store, sell.

David R. Burton DMD, MA Prosthodontist Tualitin, OR
Just unloaded the truck. Everything looks amazing. I appreciate everything you did for me and working with Atlas Resell was great. If I do ever need more equipment your website will be the first I'll click. Thanks again for everything!
Dr. Richard Salvatore. New York

We really appreciated your experience and role as the broker. Our time during the day is limited and we know potential buyers have many questions about potential equipment purchases - most of which you could answer better than us anyway. Also appreciated your help with the logistics of shipping. These transactions are a process and we would be glad to explain our experience to your clients. We have already given your name and number to two colleagues.

Michael Meyer & Anne H. Meyer, DDS 1660 N. Coast Highway Newport, OR
I am extremely impressed with the professionalism, service, and results from Atlas. They accurately valued our CEREC, worked with us to find an appropriate buyer, and gave us unsurpassed recommendations all through the process. Since then we have used them for numerous other items and highly recommend them if you are looking to sell any used dental equipment.
Ryan K. Doyle, DDS 314 West Bannock Street Boise, ID

Atlas has been wonderful to work with. They removed and resold our old dental equipment, and feel they are fair and honest. It's great to get a check in the mail :) We highly recommend Atlas to our fellow colleague's.

Duke Dental 6770 South 900 East Midvale, UT

Atlas Rocks! There is nothing like getting paid to clean out used dental equipment from your office without lifting a finger, and to experience great customer service on top of it. I highly recommend them.

Paul Huddleston, Seattle, WA

Working with Atlas enabled us to purchase a tremendous amount of equipment with relatively limited resources. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and equally accessible, they were easy to contact and readily had answers to all of my questions. In addition, everyone at Atlas was straightforward and honest with me, a characteristic which makes this company all the more valuable to the dentists they work with.

Dr. Sara Creighton, DDS, San Francisco, CA

Atlas has been great to work with. They took equipment that was not useful to me, sold it to those who need it, and made me more of a profit than I ever could have on my own. The contracts are straight forward and people are friendly, they even came out to my home and picked up the equipment. I look forward to working with them again and will be happy to refer them to others. Contact Atlas Resell, clean out those back rooms and storage areas and make some extra cash while you are reclaiming space.

Amy K Brilliant Living Seattle, WA

I have been in private practice for over 27 years in a middle sized town in Illinois. When I needed someone to de-install my dental equipment, I came across Atlas Resell Management. I am glad I did. The crew made an arrangement to meet me at my office early morning. They showed up on time, and deinstalled my dental equipments neatly and professionally.

The representative were courteous, knowledgable and friendly. In fact, I kept in touch with them long after their visit at the office. The customer care division at the main office was able to address all of my concerns. One of the crew members, Scott, is always available to answer my questions, even when I am unable to connect with someone at the main office.

The friendly staff, the professionalism, the courteous attitude are just few of the qualities that I see in all the people that I worked with at the Atlas Resell Management. I highly recommend Atlas Resell Management, if anyone needs to have the dental equipment serviced or removed.

Dr. James P. Chiang, D.D.S., Naperville, IL