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Used Dental Autoclave Sterilizer | Midmark M7 Speedclave

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The Midmark M7 Speedclave is a steam autoclave sterilizer for dental instruments. Its name comes from its 7-inch-wide steel chamber and its fast cycle times.

  • Temperature regulator
  • Timer controls
  • Fill/vent condensing tank
  • Self-contained steam release
  • Sterilizes both wrapped and unwrapped instruments and accessories
  • Improves safety
  •  Prevents steam from being released during normal operation
  • Provides incredibly fast sterilization times
Technical Specifications: 
  • Dimensions (inches): 
    19" x 14" x 13"
  • Chamber dimensions (inches): 
    7.5 diameter x 14.25 depth
  • Weight (lb.): 
  • Power requirements: 
    115V, 60Hz, 10A or 230V, 50Hz, 5A
  • Water reservoir capacity: 
    Approx. 4.96 liters