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Used Dental Delivery Systems | Belmont 6540

The Belmont's 6540 Dental Delivery System is a mobile/cart delivery system used for multiple dental applications. It comes with two handpieces and Dual Air/Water Syringes as well as Air/Water Regulators.

  • Air/Water Regulators
  • Dual Air/Water Syringes
  • Mobile Dental Delivery System
  • Autoclavable HVE and Saliva Ejector valve for sterilization
  • Automatic controls for three handpieces
  • Has Air/Water Regulators 
  • Designed with a mobile cart for movability
  • Better operation control
  • Made from highly durable materials for longer operation life
Technical Specifications: 
  • Device Type: 
    Mobile Dental Delivery System
  • Instrumentation: 
    Air/water Syringe, HVE, Saliva Ejector
  • Handpiece Autoclavable: 
  • Operation Control: 
    Wet/dry foot control
  • Coolant Systems: 
    Non-retraction water coolant and Air coolant