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Used Dental Delivery Systems | Ritter Ultimate Comfort Dental Unit

The Ritter's Ultimate Comfort Dental Unit is built around the ultimate comfort patient chair which features an ergonomic design, 3 programmable positions and a self-contained water system, the Ultimate Comfort Dental Unit is equiped with an integrated delivery system. The delivery system can include either a halogen or an LED dental light, a hanging delivery system, an inclusive foot control and an assistant package.

  • Heavy-Duty Chair Frame with 550 lb. Patient Load Capacity
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Left/Right Conversion
  • 3 Free Programmable Positions Total 5 Programs
  • Large Headrest and Double-Articulated Movement
  • Chair Swivel 45° Each Direction Left/Right
  • Hydraulic Chair Movement
  • 180° Left/Right Traditional Delivery System
  • Self-Contained Water System
  • Seamless Upholstery Available in 8 Different Colors
  • Can be easily programmed for the operators needs
  • Promotes patient and operators safety
  • Comfortable upholstery which helps patients relax
  • Promotes faster and easier dental operations
  • Can be integrated with Touch Pad Controls
  • Has a fully adjustable doctor's and assistant's stools
  • Chair must be anchored to floor. failure to do so may result in serious bodily injury to operator and/or patient and could cause unwarranted product damage. 
Technical Specifications: 
  • Chair Dimensions (Inch): 
    53.54 L x 31.9 H x 33.86 W
  • Water Unit Dimensions (Inch): 
    46.06 L x 26.77 H x 14.57 W
  • Chair Upholstery Dimensions (Inch): 
    47.24 L x 11.81 H x 22.04 W
  • Dentist Element Dimensions (Inch): 
    44.09 L x 37.40 H x 28.34 W or 50.39 L x 20.47 W x 17.32 H
  • Total Weight: 
    727.53 lbs
  • Max Weight Capacity : 
  • Height Movement Range: 
    50 - 79 cm
  • Chair Swivel: 
    45° Each Direction Left/Right
  • Operation Control: 
    Food Control/Pedal
  • Operating Light Intensity: 
    8000/25000 lux
  • Lowest Chair Position: 
    50 cm
  • Max treatment Height: 
    79 cm
  • Volatage Rating: 
    (Rating Depends on the Unit Version)Check Serial Tag for Required Voltage