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Used Dental Digital Panoramic Cone Beam X-Ray | Biolase NewTom VG3


The Biolase NewTom VG3 is a panoramic, cone beam x-ray system that offers greater accuracy and the sharpest, clearest images possible.

  • 5 Selectable FOV from 5 x 5 cm to 11 x 8 cm, to include the entire mandible, maxilla, and condyle for a complete diagnosis
  • Removable 2D Sensor
  • Multiple fields of view
  • High resolution scan
  • NNT Software with easy compatibility to your practice management software
  • A dedicated digital sensor and specific algorithms provide a full range of information.
  • Reduced margin of error with precise 1:1 scale and a full 16-bit greyscale
  • Simple upgradability to 3D and Ceph 
  • Advanced TMJ, 2D projections
  • Captures lateral, postero-anterior, open/close mouth,and multi-angle images
  • SAFEBEAM™ Technology for automatic dose exposure
  • Advanced kinematics
  • Compatible with most major third-party software programs on the market
  • Ensures patient comfort
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Saves space
Technical Specifications: 
  • Power requirements: 
    15A @ 115V~,10A @ 240V~, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 
    96" x 52.8 (72 with ceph attachment) x 56
  • Weight (lb.): 
    375 (419 with ceph arm)
  • Patient positioning: 
    Standing or seated. Wheelchair accessible.
  • Scan time: 
    3D: 18 seconds; 2D Panoramic: 9.1 seconds (adult), 7.0 seconds (child), 3.4 seconds (child ceph)
  • Software: 
    NNT™ with free viewer and sharing application